2000 Xr650r ???/

I found one w/less than 100 actual miles, street legal, no stratches for under $3500.00. Is this a good deal? Also I want to motard it.....Any ideas for wheels? Also i plan on rideing mostly street w/out motor modifications. Thanks in advance.......:mad:

Im doubtful about the 100 mile part,, but if its in good condition and street legal,, buy it. you wont find them for very cheap. Mileage is not much to worry about on a BRP, they last forever. Make sure the street legal is legit,, title, etc. buy it,, add gas, check oil,, and prepare to ride the most fun bike you'll ever own. Then uncork it, jet it, and get ready for even more fun.

bikes pretty old. 3000 would be a good deal. you can get 03 with no hours on them for 3500

I would look a little more for a newer XR at that price.

Buying one that is already street legal saves a big hassel for you. Get it.

100 miles, NO WAY

The trip is resetable and only goes to 999 anyway

If title and registration is in order and its as clean as you say, buy it.

For a bike to have a 100 miles on it the tires especially the front would be like new including the little nipple thingys, Oh this is the stock issue tires.


theres only a clutch bushing and a counter sproket seal between a 2000 and a 06.If your in ca and it's that clean, grab it.thats a good deal.........

Dont worry about it being 6 years old, it bassically the same bike. Like someone said you can get a 03 new for around 3500 but the 2000 650r would be way more valuablebecause its street legal. Thats what i did. got a 00 street legal for $2700 although mine had more than 100 miles.


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