Which Pirelli?

I'm going to try a set of Pirelli's. Which Pirelli works the best (and lasts the longest) in hard clay, rocks, and silt and slimey mud?

I run a MT 32 on the rear of my 426, it does good everywhere except harpacked clay, and seems to be lasting very well.


I run the mt 16 rear for everything lot of rocks and hard pack right now works great MT 32 front right now its more Med to soft great tire thouhg.

The MT16 is best for the conditions you describe. Correct air pressure is the trick to making the tires work the best.


mt32 rear mt44 front

MT32 Rear, MT44 front. You can try all the tires you want but everyone I race enduro's with uses the MT44 front as their first choice. The MT32 rear is my favorite Pirelli rear tire but Im not sure if it's my favorite tire above all other brands. Both the front and rear have high sidewalls and are not as prone to pinching tube's.

I know that the MT44 was a favorite of Scott Summers but I never liked the feel and I seemed to always have flats when using the MT44. The favorite of the European riders and myself on front is the MT83 or as it is known now , the Scorpion Pro. But in the conditions that 642MX describes the MT16 would be better. BUT, I still prefer the MT16 rear at all times. I only change air pressure to suit conditions.



I swear by the MT450, which may be the Scorpion "Hard" tire.....I live up in Idaho and ride in tons of loose, shale, and dusty conditions......Lasts a long as a Dunlop 952 but arcs turns much better. They're a pretty good deal at rockymountainatv.com too!

Thanks for the info guys. I ordered the MT32 for the rear and the MT83 for the front. I didn't like the way the tread design looked on the MT16, but I may try a 16 if the 32 doesn't hold up. Its hard to find a tire that will grip well and last more than a few rides too. :mad:

You picked a good choice for deep sand and mud with a bit of intermeditate terrain.


I just bought a Pirelli SCORPION MX Mid Hard 454. Anyone run this tire before?

I wanted the Michellin S12's but they didn't have my size in stock so this pattern on the 454 seems the same, and feels harder than the S12.

I ride in the woods where there is everything from hard packed, muddy spots, rocky spots.

The stock Honda rear dunlop didn't last long at all.

I'm loving the MT16 here in the desert around Phoenix. Tried it on Dwight's recommendation. Wasn't sure if the tires would do well in the mix of hard pack, rock, gravel, sand, silt and all the other crap out on the trails here, but so far they are great. Oh, and they last longer too!

I just put on a MT16 on an 01 426, 35 miles later after riding at Nelson Hills, south of Las Vegas (rocky, sandy, hard slick rock, etc typical desert) by measure I have consumed 20% of the center knobs. The tire hooks up well, but if that wear rate continues, I will be broke. Thinking about the MT450, any thoughts?

Previously I was using the Maxxis Desert IT, lasts well, but a noticable difference in traction between the MT16 and it.

I just had my first ride on the MT16 rear/Scorpion Pro front on my DRZ400E and loved it. I was riding here in the rain forests of the Pacific Northwest after about an inch of rain overnight. The conditions were quite slick with roots, rocks, and ruts abound but both ends were very predictable and I didn't have any moments when I thought the bike would come out from under me without warning.

I was running 12psi front and 10.5 psi rear. Overall I am very impressed with this combo and it will most likely become the only tires I run year around.

Does anyone know how the Scorpion Pro (MT83) compares to the MT32 for the front?

Does anyone know how the Scorpion Pro (MT83) compares to the MT32 for the front?

I run the Scorpion pro when it's a bit harder (summer clay in GA) and the MT32 (now the MXMid Soft) when it's a little more wet or in the woods.

usually it's MT32 front and rear for softer conditions, and the MT16 rear and scorpion pro front when it's a bit harder. I just put on the new MX Extra tire to try that. so far so good, but only have two rides in NC on it. I'll run it at Durhamtown this weekend and see how it holds up (hard pack clay there).

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