Possible design flaw 06' XR650L left side case cover.

Weld a flat washer on the inside of the shift lever.

very good idea! new one to me.

very good idea! new one to me.

Anything that will disperse the concentration of lbs/in² will help/fix this issue.

Increase the surface area of the backside of the shifter, or the metal plate idea for the case cover. Even the rubber idea works.

Anyone try to grind down the joint on the shifter, so the tip would have to swing in if the bike tipped over?

@TARFELE i know this is old but manracks.com does make case savers for both sides of the xr650l! If i would of known it was just a piece of steel, i would of made my own instead of paying $30!

That will not work, it's the force that makes the crack! You gotta put protection on the case

very good idea! new one to me.

Man Racks Sator Guard


Welcome to ThumperTalk! And you lost your cherry to the garage floor huh! Welcome to the only shortcoming on the L other than no rocket launchers. Hopefully it didnt bend the cover up, because if it did its toast, generally you can do the JB weld thing on the inside of the cover and fix it, be sure to rough it up with sand paper, and clean with solvent first though.

Everyone else you can toughen your left side cover to prevent this by doing the JB weld thing to strengthen the cover in the general area, on the inside.

I have been trying to figure out how to protect this cover, and the easiest way I have found is to put jb weld inside it!

I had the same thing happen . Mine put a nice hole in the cover.

Anyone know how hard the cover is to replace? Any tips

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