Need some help with price for leftover '06

My buddy and I want to get some leftover '06 450's. We have found one dealer with 3 of them. Since we are going to buy two at once, and they are getting '07's in now, we think that we have some more negotiating power. How much do you guys think that we should pay for them OTD here in Texas?:mad:

$5800 before tax, is pretty good. I got mine for $5800 OTD (no tax-out of state) back in July.

Going for $5900 OTD out here.

pm sent

10000 for both

id try the 10k for both...i picked mine up new, 5 months ago 5900 out the door...

Got mine for $5780 otd around mid-August in Texas.

I am going to pick mine up on friday. I was quoted $4799 OTD:applause: :mad: I think it might be to good to be true?? There is a $349 yamaha incentive on all 06 models through the end of the month which i am guessing most dealerships won't tell you about. I guess i will just have to see what happens. I will let you know.

I just picked one up Saturday for $4799 + $160 freight and setup. Plus a free SnapOn digital torque wrench and no interest or payments for six months. They did buy out a dealer that was going bankrupt so that may be why the price was so good. Going to ride it tomorrow for the first time. Just time to break it in and put it away for the winter up here in NY.

MIke if you dont mind telling me, what dealer was the in NY?

It was Troy City Garage. It was the last one but, they always seem to be good on pricing. They list all the prices on there web site. My brother stumbled across the 450 on their website. I called them friday night and they held it for me till Saturday morning. It was in my truck by 10am Saturday.

Nice!! thanks...I know they have great prices, but I always heard that they stick you with prep/freight and other hidden costs so the OTD price isnt always what it appeared.


It's alwys like $160 or $170 on top of the web price and a NYS $5 tire fee, so you have to figure that in. No other hidden cost. I usally buy out of state but even with paying tax I was still ahead. I always deal with Rich and have had good luck in the past.

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