What is the biggest size dualsport tire I can fit on OEM 98 XR 600R rims?

I am looking to get some Avon gripsters for my 98 XR600R. The only two tires sizes they make that will fit my rear rim are



Will there be a big difference bewteen the two and will a 120/80-18 fit? What about the Avon Distanzia? any feedback on those. I have had gripsters in the past and I could never reach the very edge of the tire not matter how hard I leaned it over but that was with a 88 XR600R with a 17" rear rim and I forget which tire size I had.


Get you some dunlop 606's you can run the 130-100-18 with no problems that is if you do any dirt riding, they last a couple of thousand miles Too!

I have used the Cheng-Shin C-760 5.30X18 tire on a '98 XR600R and an '02 XR650R with decent results.

The 110 will fit for sure. I'm think that the 120 will fit, but I'm not 100% sure of that. When wider tires are put on narrower rims, the tire has to bend more to get back to the rim. This results in a more curved tire profile. The 110 may have a better contact patch than the 120. Wider tires look cooler, but don't always work better.

I'm running a 5.30-18 on my 96, I have no problems with clearance.

Any body got any other tires that they recommend? What about the Avon Distanzia does it have the same sticky compnd like the gripster?

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