Difficult to start if stalls

I have an '04. My bike starts on about the 4th or 5th kick when first started cold. For some reason, if it stalls when it is warming up after I started for the first time during the day, it is very difficult to restart. But then, when I finally get it restarted and warmed up, after that it runs and starts fine for the remainder of the day. Does anyone know what causes it to be so difficult to restart when it dies when it is warming up after being started the first time?

Your carb needs to be cleaned and adjusted for starters. remove the hotstart and clean it and the carb bore. Then lightly grease it and reinstall. Also clean all the jets, adjust the jets as needed for your riding area, adjust the fuel screw.

after that adjust the freeplay in the hotstart cable.

check the valves to make sure you dont have any tight valves. reshim as needed.

finally install a new spark plug.

You should be able to start the bike in no more than two kicks, dead cold. Try it this way:

Gas on, choke on, twist the throttle half way or so 3 times, push the kick starter through to the next compression stroke once, return the starter to the top, hold the throttle just barely off idle, and kick it. Mine starts like that in one kick 95% of the time.

Once it's hot, the bike should start well with the throttle left at idle if the bike was shut off normally and has stood for a couple minutes. If stalled. or you are restarting immediately after shutting down, pull the hot start and kick with the throttle at idle.

But, the trouble you're having is when the engine is niether hot nor cold, but in between. Try one of two things when that happens; use the choke if it died soon after it was cold started, or one quick twist of throttle if it was a little warmer, but not yet hot.

Experiment a little, and pay attention to what works when. The bike will consistantly respond to the same things under similar circumstances. Also, learn to adjust your idle fuel screw. It makes a big difference in how well they start.

Thanks for the replies.

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