strange problem here???

Alright here goes. I have an 03 650R with approx 700 miles on it. Uncorked and jetted for high alt (Colrado). Has run like a champ always. Recently installed Clarke 4.3 tank - no problems - and installed Ricky Stator 200w stator - no problems. Yesterday I cleaned the oil filter as I have done for years on other bike, first time this bike. Cleaned with Uni solvent, soap water, let dry, oiled with Uni Oil and squeezed the hell out of it.

Went riding the next day and all was well for 12 miles. After that point I kind of opened it up in 5th, let off and got what seemed to be an excessive popping on decel. Continued on and the bike started chugging and acting as if were going to dye when I let off the throttle. After a minute or so this cleared up. Happened again about 5 minutes later and again cleared. Came to a stoplight and sure enough same thing. Had to keep revving it to keep from dying. Cleared up again and then happened very briefly 1 more time. Before shutting down all was well again. Revved hard several times with no problems.

It appeared to happen in high gear at higher rpm and seem to clear itself. At first I thought maybe my new stator was acting up on the ignition side. There were zero electrical problems with headlight signals, horn etc however.

I then though well maybe I had too much oil in the filter which is causing an overly rich condition and possible plug fouling? I pulled the filter and pressed again between some paper towels. Highly doubt it is over oiled as I have learned my lesson in the past and squeezed this one out good. Also used No-Toil rim grease which I though may be causing problems so I took the towel and really tried to get most of it up. This rim grease is hardly a typical grease, but a gooey green glob. Not sure how effective it really is.

Any thoughts here? I will have to ride again soon but it was getting late. I have heard rumors that some filter oils need to sit for a couple days to let crap evaporate. Don't think this would cause problems though.

i had a similar problem occur on my 06 650L... started noticing it after i installed the IMS 4.0 gal tank. turns out the cap wasn't venting correctly so the tank was developing a vacuum inside (figured it out after unscrewing the cap and hearing it inhale) ran with the cap unscrewed a half turn so it wasnt sealed and all probs went away (new cap fixed it)... symptoms were similar to what you describe, dont know if its the same problem but easy one to find.

You nailed it! I went out to the bike earlier and pulled the plug. It was good. I also got a custon gas cap, aluminum and when I twisted it off. I heard the air rush in. May need to see what is up with the cap!


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