I have not been able to retrieve photo's now for a couple of day's. Doe anyone know if these Knuckleheads have stopped service AGAIN? Is there any other photo hosting service out there thats more reliable?

Your Thoughts.....

NEWS: Photopoint, the photo sharing and printing site has been down for well over 24 hours. The last time this happened (back in July) the company was in trouble and shortly afterwards was sold back to its original owner Pantellic Software Inc. Neither the Photopoint or Pantellic websites (or other servers) can be contacted. It's a mystery at the moment, lets hope it's a technical problem for the sake of Photopoint's users.

UPDATE: In addition to this it appears that several users have, in the last week, received emails from Photopoint telling them that their print service is not currently available and directing them to 'EZ Prints' as a 'trusted partner' during the holiday season.

This is most worrying because Photopoint is of course now a paid service.

UPDATE2: I did find a working e-mail address: Pantellic Software is the parent company for PhotoPoint. All "Visible" Pantellic servers are also "Offline" which tends to indicate that the Parent company may be in Financial trouble. I did a Tracert on this e-mail address and found it re-directed 4 times but being delivered. I found an alternate Provider at , Hopefully We won't need it.

Photopoint's CEO's email address is: (It is still up and running.<redirected>..I've checked it)

Bonzai :)

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I noticed the same thing. I occasionally get an email from them saying they are "upgrading the capacity of the servers". But they are usually back online pretty quick.

Yep, Me too.

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