New 2006 WR 450...advise

I just picked up my new 06 WR 450 and took her for the first ride today. The bike is bone stock, but I did expect to have a bit more pop. I was not pushing the bike hard or anything like that, but from time to time I would twist the throttle thur one gear to see what kind of pull she had. I guess my question is, how different will the bike perform with the the free mods? I have not been on a dirt bike since i was 22 (RM 125 two stroke) and now am 37, so it's not like I"m coming off a bigger bike. I heard that these bike are pretty mellow in stock this true? I also noticed a Honda CRF 230 with what looked like a BBR Exhaust and really liked the deep throaty sound it produced. I went on the their web site and noticed they don't make one for the WR's. My question is, is there a slip on exhaust for the WR's that will give me a smilar deep throaty sound I heard from the 230? I also like how it was not very loud, just deep sounding. Thanks in advance.:mad:

Try the search button and you'll find that it is very choked up when bought new. Try cutting the throttle stop, rejet, yz exhaust, cut backfirethingy underneath airfilter and let er rip.



.... I guess my question is, how different will the bike perform with the the free mods? ...

After you've done the free mods, you won't even know its the same bike. The difference will be even bigger than night and day!

Save your money on the pipe for now. Remove the pipe insert listed in the mods. If you want even more performance out of your pipe, you should try the $60 pmb exhaust baffle before shelling out hundreds on a new exhaust can. I doubt that you will notice the difference since you are just getting back into this. This is my exact experience and will probably be yours too.

Come back to the forum AFTER you finish the mods, which aren't exactly free. You do need to buy the AIS removal kit, a needle and some jets. Instead of free, it should be listed as "almost free" because of the low cost of these items.

Good luck.

Do all the (almost) free mods, remove the AIS, and put in a PMB tail pipe insert. After doing all the free mods and putting in the PMB insert, my '06 rips, and sounds throatier than ever...I love the way it sounds...deep, not loud.

Thanks guy's. Can't wait to uncork it. Now, about the exhaust... Does anyone know which one will give the closest sound to the BBR? I'm not really worried about HP/ Torque numbers of the new slip on because I'm assuming they are all very close to one another. Just looking for a particular sound at this point. PS... I ride Harleys so you can understand the sound thing. :mad:

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