XR600R XR650R exhaust advice

Hi guys I have two question for you .

1) can you put a FMF powercore 4 from an XR600R on a XR650R???

2) wich exhaust do you use on your XR650R, I want to put a good but quiet one on mine (2000 model)

Thnaks for your help.


Yesterday there was a great thread about this on AdvRider. Some good info was posted. Sorry I don't have the linky for ya.

The XR600R pipe will NOT fit on the XR650R.

For quiet in the woods, you can't go wrong with any of the quiet pipes for the 650R. They are all better than the stock exhaust pipe with the stock tip, and the HRC tip for the stock can is louder than the aftermarket cans. The FMF Q2 and WB E2 are both great, while the Pro-Circuit 496 is a little more racey in the power delivery (a little more hit than the other two, but still the same overall power). I do not know if FMF is going to make the new Q4 for the 650R, but if they do it will probabaly be the piece to have.

I run the Full Competition XR's Only pipe. WAY too loud for trail riding (megaphone with no spark arrestor), but PHENOMENAL power gains. I also have the full HRC motor kit as well. I'm sure that it would not work quite as well with a stock motor. I only use my 650R with this pipe on race courses. I plan to get a WB E-2 in the spring to go on my new 650R (the trail bike) that will keep it's motor stock (with the exception of the HRC cam).

Thanks for the tip, I am prety tempted by the FMF core 4 its pretty quiet and should do right per my need .


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