Annoying Oil Leak

My 05 WR450 has a small weeping oil leak but i don't know where its coming from.

It seems to be coming from the upper frontside of the motor.

Any Ideas?

Head Gasket?

Does oil come out of the hole for the Air Induction System (in the front)? Its plugged.....?

Drain bolt?

Frame Drain Bolt is Torqued to spec....maybe bad copper washer?

Or maybe the 2 hoses where the oil strainer is?

I clean it up...go for a ride and the top of the motor is covered in oil and drips down the (or flys up then drips down) inside of the frame and onto the oil hoses......:mad: :mad:

It sounds like you lost your decompression plug. The TT store sells a replacement that uses the stock bolt on the side of the head to lock it in. Simple fix.

UPDATE: Leak was found......It looks like a hairline crack in the frame just below the tank mounting bolt. JB Weld to the rescue.

I'm thinking this was caused by crashing with the Ascerbis 3.2 tank full and putting non design load/force on the mounting bolt, I wish the bolt just would have broke though ....:mad:

It's most likely gonna crack again. Look into getting it welded in the off-season.

Boy, You must ride that bike hard to crack the frame!

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