Oil Pickup Question-

I have studied the diagram in the manual concerning the oil pickup in the bottom of the crankcase, and still can't completely figure it out, so I was hoping that someone could help me with a problem. A small piece (2 x 4mm) of the inside of the right crankcase cover broke out near the back of where the oil line on the right side bolts into the cover, and although I think I got all the pieces of aluminum out of the bottom of the case, there may still be a small piece in there. My question is if there is in fact a piece in there, will it get pulled up into the tranny gears and do a ton of damage, or can I bolt things back together and not worry too much. I pulled the right side cover to fix it, sprayed a bunch of carb cleaner into the bottom of the case, and let it drain out of the two drain holes. I didn't get anything else, and I've tried looking in there, but I can't see anything. I would appreciate any other suggestions for finding this piece, or at least an idea of how the oil moves, so I can make a better decision. Thanks in advance!

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