Who's got the fastest internet speed???

Forget about all the talk about our bikes and how fast they are. Their are three things that guys like to lie about: 1)What mileage that their RV gets 2)how big their ummmm hard drive is? and... 3) their internet speed. Below is a link that should tell us exactly how fast were all runnin!!

I'll go first.

Im runnin 4.499mbps, I've got the cable modem. Who's got me beat??


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Elapsed Time: 1.593 sec

2.943 MBps (376.65 KBps)


:D:D I Dont know why I'm even replying, I'm not even in the same league as you guys.......

I'm somewhere around "Neolithic" I think.....

56K modem on a landline ROFL :)

It gets me online and it works...mostly :D:D

Here's my data:

7.234 Mbps


2.9297 MB file

3.24 second time elapsed

What does this mean?

Do I win?

Do I get a prize?

Bill :):D:D

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two weeks ago this was sooo slow. i didn't think i was ever going to get a screen up. it got so bad that it wouldn't even work. i'm with freeserve here in the UK and my mate gave me a new phone number he'd heard of with them.

everything has been flying for this last few days. brilliant. the best i can remember it being.

can't stand this black background though. reminds me of a porn sight. i've got visions of being trapped on the site flicking from one hardcore photo of a YZ to another!

heaven forbid!!!


what's with this speed thing mine don't even register on the speedometer...I went out of the cave today to best buy and they said I could upgrade my modem from my 14.4 to a 56k which is unbelivable fast.I think I need to upgrade...

FOR SALE-----good 14.4 modem it has a phone cable attached so that makes it a cable modem. todays low cost of $75.00, Pretty cheap for a cable modem. :)

I'm only 3.551 mbps. It was faster before @home went belly up and they shifted me over to AT&T. It does seem to be getting better though. Still, better than Aftershock!!!!! Hehehe :)

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A whopping 21.28kbps :) I ccould just about snail mail as quick...

1.48 seconds. 101 KBps...would be nice if they gave more info on how good/bad this actually is.

150KB file took 44.323 seconds using a 56Kbps modem - my throughput was 27.04 Kbps... considering it had to travel all the way 'downunder' and back again... wonder how many extra routers it had to go through?

I'll swap some warm summer riding weather for some bandwidth... any takers?


Bill, So far you are the man to beat!!! You've got crazy speed. What do you got under the hood??? :)

File Size: 150.005 KB

Time Elapsed: 1.783 seconds

673.04 Kbps

(84.13 KBps

Not too bad, but Bill has us beat...

I was rockin.....then I hit this rutted section and went over the keyboard. I wasn't hurt too bad, just bruised a little. Got some plastic to replace on the monitor. This speed contest stuff is not for beginners!

I'm at 1.5 Mbps - AT&T limits the download speed now.....sucks!

26400 bps

1.5MBPS ....Smokin!

Bonzai :)

:) Just sussed the speedometer thingy.....wish I hadn't bothered :D

Lets put it this way...if it were bikes we were comparing, you guys would be on works 450's and I'm still on a PW50

elapsed time of.........36.56 secs

I'll have to stoke the boiler and get a bit more steam pressure I think LOL :D

I'm using an old 233 on cable modem. I was looking at a new computer but, it looks like this old pile, still get's it on.

Maybe I could use the money for carbon fiber or titanium :)


I feel like Alice in Woderland. I'm stuck at 33k!!!


I might have you guys beat for the slowest connection :D

File size - 150.005 KB

Time - 57.45 seconds

Speed - 20.88 Kbps

Gray wire connected, airbox lid on, stock exhaust, wrong jetting, etc.

Obviously my KB mod isn't working.

10 miles north of Eugene, OR. No options available except Starband 2 way satellite with its $750 buy-in. Oh well, at least I can spend the $ I'm saving on my bike. :)

Well, my connection is 50.666K, but I can download jetting Q's in about 40seconds. I recall Yamakaze saying it takes him minutes!

But, I have removed my computer's gray wire and rejetted it properly for altitude and put an even bigger cooling fan in it (which required removing the airbox lid). :)

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