needed; clutch diagnosis


During a really hard ride my 2005 WR450 clutch lever would periodically not engage. A few minutes later it worked fine only to be followed by further difficulty pulling in the clutch lever. Does anyone have any ideas and/or solutions? This is the first time I have run into any difficulty with the clutch.

Thanks for the help!

Does it ever work normal? Did you check the cable for fraying and wear? If that's good, an oil change could help. Otherwise, it's clutch time.

Yep check the cable if thats OK get a cable lubing tool and lube it.

the clutch works fine now. the bike doesnt have a great number of hours on it and i doubt the clutch is toast. i was wondering what are the causes of a lever not able to be pulled in freely? the cable is not frayed either.

If your lever free play is not adjusted properly, all kinds of funny stuff can happen. Double check the lever free play and change your oil too. :mad:

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