Anyone got a 05-07 WR muffler?

I need a really quiet pipe for where I ride, 94 db's...and what I find is that almost every pipe is designed for 96 db's. I would like something a little more stealth, and was wondering if anyone has any of their stock WR mufflers that you want to get rid of. I ride a 2006 YZ450f

PM me if you've got anything, because im interested :mad:

Thanks Bboyce

WR pipe won't fit on your 06!

You know what...I just read that...danget! Oh well...I thought they did, but I was thinking of the 05's and later models :mad: Oh well...Guess ill be getting an aftermarket pipe, any suggestions there?

I do have my stock 05 Wr muffler. Let me know if you can make it work!:mad:

an 07 wr muffler may fit though........

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