03 yz450f problem

Hey Guys, havent posted in forever. Well this last weekend i was out in the desert riding and were we go there was some sand dunes that i was messing around in. I came out of one bowl and went to take off and my bike just stopped. Now it will run but the second you put it in to gear it will shut off. Then after that i try to start it and the kickstarter gets hard to kick and eventually wont move. What could be causing this to happen? im going to take it to the shop tomorrow and have it diagnosed. Could my clutch have come apart or would it be internal? Thanks Guys

Sounds like she siezed up on you.

A couple questions.

Is it in neutral when the kickstarter gets hard to move?

When it's running and you put it in gear, does it die with the clutch still in, or only when you release it?

This is 715 i just got my old account back.

Yes it is in neutral and it will kick over fine than just gradually get harder. It dies with the clutch in, i dont even have a chance to release it. I took it in yesterday to the dealer and he said it didnt sound simple so i have to wait a week or so to find out the exact problem. I also noticed the clutch was hard to pull in.

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