trail tech endurance computer

Ive read a couple of reviews, but I have some questions. does this unit need power ( 12v) from the bike? Can you see the numbers in the daylight, is there a backlight for night use, and do you think an old guy that needs reading glasses could see it? (dont wear em to ride, just to see). and lastly, would this unit fit behind the Baja Designs headlight I have mounted high and tight. There's probably a 2" X 4" space there where the OEM odometer is, but from the catalog picture I cant tell how big the unit is. I wouldnt want it if it was bigger than that space anyway. Thanks for any info you may have-AL

the one i got does not need 12v, runs on a battery. the numbers are pretty easy to see in daylight, they have a back light funtion, but i think it is for a few seconds and then goes off. It is pretty small, but not sure on exact dim's.

I am not real happy with the mounts it comes with and am looking to make my own off the front plate mount. it works fine and yes us "old" guys can read it fine. I can mse it for you if you want exact specs.

the speedo function is kinda scary, did not realize the amount of speed you can carry !!!!!!!


The Trail Tech uses an internal battery source. The computer is easy to read with the digital reading and has a light for reading at night. It comes with the mounting harware to install where the odometer mount is. Nice unit. :mad:

Thanks for the good info. Looks like I need one.

I have the new Vapor, it's a little bigger than the endurance one. The Vapor has everything the endurance plus a tach, engine temp, ambient air temp, yellow shift light, red over rev light. And it can be used with or without the 12v source.

The Endurance is a nice unit. I had one for 4 years and it worked perfectly. It will fit behind the Baja Designs headlight. I would say it is about 1.5" X 4" in size. If you plan on riding for extensive periods of time at night, you may not like the backlight. It has a 5 second elapsed time when you press the button, so you will be taking your hand off the bars many times. If you purchase one. I would suggest making your own mount from a plate of aluminum, because the included plastic bar mount is a bit flimsy. Pressing the buttons causes it to flex alot.

I upgraded to the Lynx unit because it has a continuous backlight via your bikes 12 volt system. It is however a bit larger than the Endurance.

I have the vapor too and like it better than the endurance model.

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