So I picked up my new 07

So I picked up my new 07 YZ friday night. Putted it down the street a few times friday night then took it out saturday morning for a 5 hour ride. I dont really ride the track but more the desert and trails so the suspension was a little stiff for my liking but over all I love the bike. This is my first new bike since my 99 YZ400 and holy crap has it changed, the power is nothing like my 400 and it is so much more nimble. The only problem I have is after just one ride the stock Dunlap 756 tire is GONE!! I have never had this problem with a 756 on my 400. What tire are you guys running for trail riding?

The OEM 756 is not the same tire as the retail 756, but even so, a YZ450 can make one of either kind go away very quickly. A very good tire that lasts far longer is the Maxxis IT.

Dunlop 952 wears good also

2 thumbs down on the Maxxis IT...this tire is seriously overrated. If it wasn't cheaper than other tires I don't think people would run it. Breaks loose way too easy...I finally got tired of spinning out in tacky corners and trashed it. My friends have done the same. Don't fall for the hype! I'm hard on the IT because after countless warnings to my bro-n-law to stay away from it, he let is his dealer talk him into buying one. His rear tire slid up the face of a very slow speed jump and he broke his collarbone. He has been on this track alot and never had issues. He has since purchased a 952 and has been more than happy with no scary moments.

2 thumbs on the 952. Awesome traction unbelievable wear. Outwears Maxxis IT and just about any other tire and sticks.

2 thumbs on the 952. Awesome traction unbelievable wear. Outwears Maxxis IT and just about any other tire and sticks.

Really? I'll have to try one. I have to say that I have not had the sudden break away problem with the IT that you apparently have, but I also have to say that the IT is not a particularly good mud tire. But unless somebody with a hose made it, we don't get a lot of that around here, anyway, and then it's usually clay, and frankly nothing really "works" in that stuff.

I just picked up a 952 today and have a race this weekend so I'll let you know how I like it on monday. The only thing I have to compare it to is the 756 that i have ridden for years and love, it's just to bad it wont hold up on this new bike.

I prefer Michelin Starcross MS3 to the 956 - they hold up a lot better and much better traction for terrain here in Ga/Al:thumbsup:

I like the 756's but they do wear out quickly. I have used 952's and found them to have good overall traction and they last maybe 2~3 times longer than the 756's.

2 thumbs down on the Maxxis IT...this tire is seriously overrated....

What kind of terrain are you riding? I've been running the IT for three years and haven't had any problems like your describing. I ride mostly intermediate to hard terrain and have actually been very impressed with the IT as have other people I know. Maybe I've just never used a really good tire to be able to compare. I used the 756's before. They work fine, but wear out much faster and are a lot more expensive than the IT.

I've been using the Dunlop D739G this season and it’s great in sand and intermediate conditions. The G is different from the standard 739. The knobs are a little bigger. On the first ride on a new one, I seem to over jump because of the traction. I’ve been getting about 3 to 4 weeks of practice and racing out of this tire. Dunlop’s aren’t cheap but I get this tire at for $81.99.

You gotta love motocross message boards. I will buy my next 739G from Rocky Mountain. Thanks.

952s are the best bang for the buck. I have used 2 of them on my bike since March. Try it you won't be disappointed.

Try the Pirelli MT450.....I swear by them, and yes......I try them all

I hate the maxxis IT tires too. They are crap they wore really bad on my 450 and the traction wasn't to good with them. I just really couldn't find a condition that the tire worked good on.

Thats my 2 cents worth

I didn't like the Maxis IT's either, you couldn't depend on them like you can the 756's. Plus the Maxis tires aren't all that cheap. I bought a bunch of 756's last weekend at Cycle Gear's sale, $39.99 for fronts and $44.99 for rears. They may not last that long but for that price and the way they work they're still my favorite.

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