XR650R jetting

I have done the search, one more time please.... jetting reccomendations for uncorked 03 650R. Just got this monster want her running proper, Thanks .Maybe this info is "stickey material"? Does Honda sell a uncorked jet kit?Thanks again

what altitude?

sea level to 1000 feet.

175 main, 68S Pilot and B53E needle - They sell the intake boot for the carb and you are going to want to drill out the baffle. That would be a good start.

currently it has 170 main ,65s pilot , B53F needle ,clip in 4th position . Is this the stock needle #. also running the HRC spark arrestor tip [lucked upon at mid ohio vintage days swap meet]. its close aye?

Yeah thats close. You need to make sure that you get that new intake manifold. Basically it is the rubber boot between the carb and the engine. The HRC boot is wide open and the stock has a small hole and is very restrictive. There are also two boots on the airbox that need removed. You should really check out http://www.xr650r.us/

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