Spark plug tool?

Any suggestions as to who makes a good spark plug tool for WR426? (Should fit in fanny pack)

I will also be looking for an axle nut wrench for my fanny pack.


Did you get the Yamaha plug wrench when you bought the bike? If it's the same as the YZ, you can't get any better since it has the rubber grommet insert that grabs the plug so you can lift it out. As a little sidebar to what I discovered when changing my plug, the area around the base of the plug was full of dirt and other harmful debris just waiting for a plug to come out so that this junk can fall right inside your cylinder. I remove the plug cap and blow compressed air through that little hole on the right side of the engine. It's amazing what trash comes flying out of the spark plug cavity! Protect your eyes if you do this.

Didn't receive a toolkit. What else is supposed to be in it?

I use keyboard cleaner/duster to blow out debris. Basically it is compressed air in an aresol can and can be found in many computer stores.

Not much of a toolkit - sparkplug wrench, spoke wrench, 2 extra MJ's, and one extra PJ, and the manual should come with the bike. Oh, and the flap that can be mounted under the seat at the end of the gas tank, supposedly to be used in wet weather to keep water out of the air box -

How much pressure/volume of air is discharged from one of those aerosol cans? That would work just fine as long as it's powerful enough to blow that junk up thru the plug cavity. My 125psi air compressor makes that stuff fly into orbit. I'm glad that you also recognize that debris collects at the bottom of that cavity. I thought I was being persnickety.

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Ask any local kid they can tell you what dusters are.

Aresol can puts out enough pressure that you want to look away when using it, due to flying debris. Thin nozzle lets you direct air exactly where you want it.

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