YZ timing kicks #%&!!!

Wroost, Im sooo stoaked that you like the YZ timing better. I think you should try to wheelie your bike now. You'll be really surprized. Oh, and by the way, Simi cycles should have the WR426 rear fender in stock if you should need it by any chance.. :):D:D

Just did the YZ timing and removed grey wire (thanks Mike) and GEEZ what a difference. It's like I brought the bike to life!!!!! :)

Hey WRoost,

It was great having you over as well as the Mrs. It was wondeful to meet and help out a fellow TT'er. Not to mention make wonderful new friends.

Hope we can all get together soon, Thursday Perhaps? Please feel free to call or drop by.....

SoCal (aka Mike)

Hey Mar...er WRoost,

I got to thinking about that slight hesitation coming off of idle, you might have to lower your needle if trying the air screw won't take care of it.I don't recall if we checked it out after it warmed up...I know you said your busy thursday but look @ my ride post, perhaps you could make it.


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