Oversize brake rotor question

I have an 02 WR426 with an oversize front brake rotor. It's a free floating type but it seems to be a little too free floating lately, it seems downright loose and it's making clicking noises. I'm hoping somebody can ID it from the pictures and tell me if theres replacement bushings available. Thanks!




You need to have the center of the rotor and floating caliper line up or your rotor will work the pins and float so much that it will rattle. You cant replace the pins but you need to fix the issue before buying a new rotor.

Check that the new caliper mount bracket is the same thickness as the original. It may be off and you need to also make sure the caliper floats on the new mount without binding. If the caliper bracket pin is not on the same position as on the old bracket you can have binding. If the caliper does not float your disc will loosen up. I suspect the new bracket is a different thickness than stock or you have an alignment issue preventing caliper float.:mad:

So it's the caliper that's supposed to float? Meaning there should be some movement in the caliper as well as the rotor? (Yes it's true, I don't know s**t about this thing, the setup was on the bike when I bought it.)

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