T Clamp Offset

hey, what is your experience with different offsets on the 06-07 YZF?

I had 22mm on my CRF, and it was a great addition adding shapness and traction.

On the YZF.....has anyone tried the options out there?

I dont mind stock.....but need the bars a touch higher still. Is there a spacer kit out there?



The '06 YZ450 needs little if any help in that department, IMO, but Doug Dubach, having tried several different setups, prefers 24mm Applied clamps. That's the same result that Applied got in their own blind testing of various offsets, and yes, it is different than the results they got for the YZ250F.

24mm is only 1mm different from the stock offset of 25mm, so I don't know just what you'll see in return for the $400+ you'll spend on the clamps. But you could also try the Rekluse E-axle for $200. It will let you move the axle fore and aft 2mm each way, or any setting in between. Then you can fiddle around and find out what you like.

Thanks Gray, is there any spacer kits out there that would just raise my stock bar mounts.......maybe like the old school protaper universal mount kits?


700MX, PMB makes some taller bar mounts, so does GYT-R. On my 06 I went with 10mm spacers (made by a forum member... Coopsvintageyz) and Windham bend bars. It works good for me, and I have long arms.

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