Kouba "CashBack" is in your future, if you ordered one, two, three, etc.

We made the "Big 100" on our order. This dropped our price to $9.00/unit.


No ifs, and or butts, shoplifting is stealing, and you guys have no choice in this. If I keep anything, it is stealing from the guys that have kept me entertained/informed.

You will either get a check or if you have Pay Pal, you will get a direct deposit from me.

If you don't have Pay Pal, GET IT!! It is a very good thing to have.

In fact, Norm Kouba WOULD NOT take credit cards, but did take Pay Pal!!

Merry Christmas Guys!! :)


Hey, just keep the extra money from me for your trouble. I just appreciate the effort you made for everyone and I know that extra $4 will surely pay for your next vacation :) Thanks again. John K. Chadwick, Mo.

:) Keep my extra money for your trouble.

Buy some gas and do a couple of fast laps for me... Really, to send me back a couple of $1 bills would cost me more to exchange them than the actual money would be worth... Enjoy a hour or two's riding on me... Thanks for the trouble and time you took to organise it for us..


Merry xmas to you! :):D:D

[ December 15, 2001: Message edited by: yamaha.dude ]

Me too Kevin! Keep the change....and thanks for all your efforts. Hope you have enough left over for a nice dinner.

Hey Kevin,

When will you ship?

Greg in Atlanta.


Norm Kouba wasn't sure if it would make Friday nights mail (UPS??). He is sending it PRIORITY MAIL. I talked to him Friday night. Local time in Idaho was 4:30pm.

I leave for Christmas in Pennsylvania on Friday, 12/21 and will be back LATE Friday, 12/28. I could be a envelope stuffing madman, along with my Wife, Alisa, on Saturday morning.

ALL the envelopes will be addressed and ready to go within the next couple of days! If the tools arrive before I leave for PA, THEY WILL BE OUT OF HERE ASAP!!

There is the Christmas mail crunch, so I don't know...???

I e-mailed Norm Saturday night if the tools DID NOT ship, to throw in 10 more, since I am STILL receiving requests for these things!

Keep the change. What part of PA will you be in for the holidays?



I'd better not see a refund check come back my way or I'll have to kick some squid behind! Seriously, keep the change. Your time is valuable. Besides, I know we all appreciate your efforts.

Take care,



I will be in the Harrisburg area, Hummelstown to be exact, right next to the infamous Hershey.

Sorry, I run a no-refund policy here !

Please keep the refund for your troubles.

Thank you for your efforts.

Keep the change!!!! Consider it a tip for your time and effort. Go buy a huge turkey for Christmas dinner! Happy holidays! :)

Kevin, Keep the extra few bucks for all the trouble you went to for me (us). There now you have my permission so it is not stealing

Thanx Jim

Kevin keep it as an early x-mas present. You went through the trouble to get this taken care of.

Please don't bother send any sort of "refund". You deserve to keep the extra buck or two.

Keep the money for your troubles. Buy one beer on me!


P.S. Will you be taking the "Hershey highway" to Pennsylvania? ........... :)

Ditto here!!!! At $13 for a trick mod, I feel like I'm stealing from someone!!!! :)


Thanks Kevin but keep the change.


keep the money. use it to help with postage for the over seas guys. thanks kevin :)

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