Kouba "CashBack" is in your future, if you ordered one, two, three, etc.


Here is an idea you might find a possibility of use for that extra money that you don't seem to want. Send it to the Blue Ribbon Coalition in the name of Thumpertalkers worldwide.. Just a thought.



I like Jim's idea about making a BRC contribution. Just be sure to extinguish your LOW BEER warning light first. Thanks again, man.


Keep the change dude.....If you send it back my wife will spend it, and God knows she has already spent enough this Christmas (She Just might Overload) So this is for her own good.

Thank You for your time and effort, You are truly one of Thumpertalks best..... :D

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from my family to yours. God Bless......

Bonzai :)

Yo Kevin;

I'm with everyone else, keep it for your effort, or like Jim said, donate it to the BRC. Hey, and thanks again for coordinating this, we all appreciate it.


OK Kev (and by the way, you need to change your login name to..... "NH Kouba"), you told me you were getting low on Sam Adams, so here's your chance to stock up for the Holidays! Keep the change man. Consider it a gratuity for all the time and effort you've invested on this. Or better yet, use it to pay the vet bill for all the paper cuts after your dog gets done licking all the envelope's!!!

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