Xr650r White Brothers E2 Jetting


I have an 05 XR650R and I just uncorked it! In the process I did the HRC Intake Manifold, removed the rubber boots from airbox, put a #175 Main, 68S, and the b53 needle w/clip in the 3rd position.

I then put a White Brothers E2 pipe and left the stock header. The bike is still not running right (power is not fully there, throtle response is lacking, and will pop-out and die in certain situations.

I am doing the majority of my riding at sea level.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Man you should not be too far off,have you opened up the side panel?

Your jetting does sound about right...check the color of the spark plug...

Also, Welcome to TT. TINYSC51...

Plenty of info. and friends to meet here at TT...:mad:

I'm assuming that you have not removed the smog pump in the uncorking. If not, that crap has got to go as it causes a lot of rattiness and popping on it's own. That sounds like good jetting for sea level. I have the same and it works great on the opened up stock pipe.

Thanks for all of the input! I have removed the smog pump. I am now running the 175 Main and 65 Pilot. Does this seem right? It is still having bad throtle response and lacking power.

I have not opened the side panel.

play with your mix screw for throttle response. sounds close on the jetting I'm in sac and have the same setup with the side cover opened up and it rips.

Sounds like you have done all the right things. Holes in the side panel won't make a difference for your problem. That would be more of a high rpm thing. Perhaps it's worth a try fiddling with the air screw/fuel screw (or whatever they call it nowdays). Did you do all these mods on once or were you able to try the mods with the stock pipe? I'm not saying it's the pipe because I understand that the E2 is a great pipe. I'm also making the assumption that the response is lacking on the low end, is that correct?

i know when i did those mods on my bike it wouldn't run right so i did the side panel mod and that pretty much fixed all my problems. i realize it is usually a main jet thing but that side panel mod really lets the bike get a whole lot more air at all rpms.

if not drilling holes try just taking out the two plastic plugs in the airbox. that may help a bit.

Yes, it is lacking on mostly low end. I did not get a chance to try the mods with the stock pipe. I will try dialing in the fuel screw. Thanks!

I will definately look into the side panel mod. It really helps huh?

I guess there are always differences between bikes and especially in altitudes. I believe that the Honda off road guys recommend not cutting slots in the side panel unless you go to an aftermarket exhaust with a header. I have all the same recommended jetting specs for sea level, completely uncorked, and drilled out the stock exhaust. It ran very well at that point. I then added six filtered Uni pop vents in the side panel and it really did not make any noticeable difference for me, just one more thing to cover up when I wash the bike. I don't ride a lot topped out in 5th so I really believe that the higher rpms are where it would help anyway.

I'm wondering if there is something else going on here besides jetting. No clogged lines or electrical issues known?

Do you have the 175 Main, 65 Pilot, and White Bros E2?

No, the bike is pretty much new (2005) with limited rides. Thanks for all of your help.

One post mentioned you have a 68s pilot and one post mentioned you're running the 65 pilot. You need the 68s pilot, if the 65 is still in get rid of it! As mentioned yuo should be close. If you're at sea level you may want the clip on the next lower clip. Then fine tune the fuel screw.

I am currently running the 65. What will the diference be with the 68s and the needle clip in the 4th position? Please let me know.


I am currently running the 65. What will the diference be with the 68s and the needle clip in the 4th position? Please let me know.


That could be your huckleberry right there. If you are at sea level you need the 68s. That may explain the problem just above idle. Previous owner maybe rode at a higher altitude???? If you don't already have the 68s, many Honda dealers won't know what you're talking about w/o the part number. Part number should be 99105-MBN-0680. I understand Service Honda also has it online as well.

Thanks I did have the 68s in before and there was issues. I will put it back in and put the needle clip down a notch.

OPEN THE AIR BOX!!! and add the 68s. This sounds like your problem.. Any more problems and you may want to consider a 170 jet but I doubt it. FYI, I have an 05 with a E2 exhaust and all the applicable mods.

What do you meen by open the air box?

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