Xr650r White Brothers E2 Jetting

Had the same prob

Took the stock filter and screen and put it in a bag and replaced it with the UNI filter, and took the 2 plugs out of the air box and drilled 4 holes in the side panel

Works great now and I have the PC496 pipe

Seems like this problem may have to do with the E2 pipe. I had all of the uncorking mods done according to Honda, using an HRC tip, it ran great. When I put the E2 on, it started backfiring and won't idle worth a crap. My plug is choclate brown color. I too am at sea level. Since the E2 is a quiet pipe. it obviously flows less air, I am thinking the jetting needs to be different than the regular "uncorked" bike with HRC tip.................

Just updating, looking at the White Bros website, the jetting specs for the E2 says "stock". That is the problem, carving up your side panel will not fix this. Different pipes need different specs, The E2 quiet pipe does not work well with the "uncorked" jetting. Somewhere between stock and uncorked will be your answer. I am giving up this pipe for stock.


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