WR converted for MX?

I tried searching but didn't see what I was looking for. I'm pretty sure this has been covered I just can't find it. I live in Ca and I'm really getting frustrated w/having to work around the red sticker law. I can't go riding w/my friends for about 3-4 mths of the year. I want to be able to ride anywhere anytime of the year with 1 bike.

So, is it feasible to modify the new 07 WR450 to handle Motocross, i.e. tracks. I wanna bike that can take everything I do with my YZ250 but on a WR. I ride maybe 60% trail but I prefer tracks w/big jumps, whoops, rythm sections etc.

The lights are an easy fix and I think the suspension can be revalved and resprung for a MX application. What else needs to be changed? Is the engine similar? I don't mind smooth motors but is the WR detuned? What about gearing? Can sprockets fix that or do gears need to be swapped? I may keep the magic button but how much weight does this add and would this compromise performance on the track? I'm a C level rider in the amateur scene so I don't need some crazy racing bike.

Am I missing anything else as far as modifications go? Are there things different that can't be changed?

there's nothing to say that numerous modifications cannot be done (costly) - however, if you're looking to compete against MX bikes then you're pretty much going to need an MX bike yourself. There is a reason that they make two different bikes even though thay are loosely based on the same platform. That is to say that they are designed for fundamentally two different tasks. There are just so many variables e.g power curve, torque curve, ignition mapping, flywheel weight, overall weight, suspension, gearing, etc ... etc ... and the list goes on ... The WR450 is a great bike that can stand on it's own with the rest of the enduro class and it can also be wildly modified into a radical weapon. If you do indeed convert it into a competitive MXer then you will loose a lot of what it has to offer for general enduro riding ...

just my $0.02c worth

Not to mention that the WR keeps on getting softer and softer every year.....

yeah ... softer maybe (tame in it's stock form ?) - but still has plenty to offer with some clever mods !!!

Like I said, I'm not competing against pro riders. what are the differences in the WR from the YZF that would prevent it from being an MX bike. I know they are built from the factory for different things but if I could change it what would need to be changed. I don't need it to be a YZF in every way, just fun and rideable on tracks. I don't know if this is a question anybody can answer but I wanted at least an idea of what I'm looking at.

Weight & suspension are your major challanges.

Keep in mind that some aftermarket items for the '07 will be hard to come by for a while...SC

Weight & suspension are your major challanges.
Actually, I ride my modded WR on tracks quite alot and the biggest challenge is the wide-ratio gearing and the cam timing. Because of those things, the WR doesn't have the quick snap that the YZs have and it is noticeable, especially on jumps. Regardless, I still have a lot of fun riding my WR on the track. I just have to be a bit more choosy about which jumps I commit to and which ones I don't and I have to be very deliberate about shifting and throttle control on the ones I do.:mad:
Keep in mind that some aftermarket items for the '07 will be hard to come by for a while...SC

I think you will find that there is already plenty available!!! ('06 YZ :mad: )

I replaced rear fender and front number plate with yz plastic. I also remove the kickstand when I go to the track. I run 14,50 gearing at the track and 15,50 desert. You could drop down to a 13 for the track. I have no problem at the track even with my IMS tank which I only fill half way. As long as your suspension is set up for your weight and ability you will be fine.

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