Best 15 tooth sprocket????

Hey guys, I have a 650r and my chain wonders from side to side. Mud flap and eating on the side of the frame. I have traced it back to a 15 tooth sprocket that has looser tolerances than the stock 14. I was wondering if you guys would know of a sprocket maker that dosn't woble as much. Honda dosn't have any 15's just 14's. I would be appreciative if you guys could help me out.

I don't think your sprocket is the problem as the side to side play is limited by the splined washer which rides in the groove on the end of the output shaft. The aftermarket sprocket may have slightly looser tolerances which may allow it to wobble excessively but this seems unlikely. You may try replacing the washer as it might be worn. Just my 2 cents worth. I have a Sunstar 15 toother on mine & it works fine.

i got one from jt sprockets that did the same thing. rubbed on the inside of the frame on the bottom. i put two washers inbetween the sprockets and the locking tool thing. problem solved.

Did that mess your alignment up on the chain slider when you used the washers? And with the Sunstar sprocket, was the chain grinding on the inside of your frame at all?

when i put the new sprockets on and spun the wheel i heard a clicking sounds. i then found that just when the masterlink was pasing by the frame it would rub. so i just put some washers in like i said. i have no idea about the chain alignment. you will get two stories on how critical that stuff is on side with people being insane on how important it is and the other sawing it really doesn't matter. i am on the side of it not being all to important. both of the washers propaply measure a total of less then a quarter of an inch so i don't think it is going to hurt anything. but if i didn't do this it would definately hurt my frame.

I was getting a 15 too. I'm not a fan of JT sprockets, what are some others, I was thinking about a renthal. Anymore suggestions?

I was getting a 15 too. I'm not a fan of JT sprockets, what are some others, I was thinking about a renthal. Anymore suggestions?

I agree with the comments on the JT sprockets. I had a Renthal on my 600 and it's as good as a Honda one. I have a Rocky Mountain Tusk brand now and it was also of pleasantly surprising quality. I don't know if they have a 15 650R sprocket though.

i can probably buy three sets of jt sprockets for one set of renthals. so i will buy jt all day long. not to much r and d goes into sprockets pretty simple design if you ask me

Take a look at a Moose sprocket. I run their 15t and have been very happy with it. It is plated and I have run it a few times down the beach in Baja (into the water a ways too) and everything starts to rust quickly but not the sprocket.

I have a 15T Renthal... No problems. You might want to check your "alignment". Make sure the washer plate that the sprocket bolts to is in it's proper location...

Well so far...Jt fronts are a little loose and the one I used was a pbi. But it sounds like the Renthal's and Sunstar's are good. Again guys, this is only a problem on the 650R, due to the proxemity of the frame near the chain. And the only real problem is the front countershaft sprocket wobles more than the stock one "brand X" and it wobles so bad that the chain gets thrown into the inside of your frame and grinds it down a bit. It also gets into the little mud flap quite a bit more than usual. It actually tore off the little upright tab and the metal stiffiner of the chain slider on a trip out to do the Piaute trail and back. You can feel it when it does it through the foot pegs while you are riding. And it is amplified with a loose, or worn chain. I was just wondering which front to buy this next go around, and figured as a group many different sprockets have been tried. And you guys could let us know which ones you have had good luck with? And man I really appreciate the comments, thank you for the extra time, and your wisdom.

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