Suspension Break in

I just got my '07 YZ450 and ordered springs (from MX-Tech ) for my heavy ass. I've got one track day on the bike. How long should I wait for the suspension to be broken in and change the springs and oil out?

What would be a good oil level to start with in the forks?

.50 fork springs

5.8 shock spring

I weigh 225lbs. in my birthday suit.

Start with the oil level specified in the manual, and go ahead and change the oil out now.

The '06/'07 fork differs in that the oil is set by volume, not level. The inner chamber is bled free of all air, and a specified amount put in the outer side. It's sensitive to oil level, too, and as little as 5cc will make a noticeable difference.

I would go ahead and service the forks and shock now and swap the springs....why wait.....:mad:

unless a revalve is what you want to......

grey is right, if it's anything like the 06 models, i had 2 rides on mine when i put springs in, the fork oil looked like chocolate milk already. it is kindof funny though as i had to put in the stiffest springs that race tech makes for the 06 and when my smaller, lighter friends ride it they all say it doesn't feel very stiff or harsh to them, but it doesn't really bottom out with me on it unless i screw up a big jump. guess the suspension is just that bad ass..

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