Removing left side cover from engine??

Just curious I am about to remove the left side cover from my XR650L. It looks like the starter will come off with the cover. The clutch cable goes into this side also. What will be involved in reassembly? Mainly I am wondering about the clutch cable and what is inside that cover that may need to be realigned for assembly. gears etc.

Is it necessary to remove the cover for the best repair possible? I am the one with the crack in the left side cover. I have v'd out the crack with a Dremel and sanded down the side cover already.

Thanks for any ideas,


P.S. Thumpertalk is a lifesaver for alternative fixes.

take small cover off first where gearing is for starter, than go after the big cover.the starter will stay in place so dont worry about it and yes u do have to take the cover off for the best repair.


and dont worry about the clutch cable all it does is pull on a cam that pushes a rod to release the clutch when u c it youll laugh at how simple it is and u shouldnt have any alignment issues.


Thanks a million Todd, I have the Honda repair manual but I need to find where I was last reading it. Figured this might give me my answer qicker than searching for the book. I really appreciate the information.


No problem, hope itgoes as easy as mine did.


Went super smooth, pounded out the crease. Now I am going to JB the inside & then I am going to pick up some fiberglass glass mat and fiberglass the bottom of cover and lower side. I figure that about 3 layers of glass & resin should make it very durable. Fingers cossed!

Thanks again for the information.


Good going, now that u had ur fingers in the pigs nether regions she's gonna love u forever.


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