Taffy mod on 99YZ400F carb

I am using old 99YZ400 FCR on my quad .Ok I had AP squirt that was way to long so I did the Taffy mod and got it a lot shorter squirt.My question now is what else am i supposed to do to get rid of the bog? Do I wire the AP arm to the linkage? or go up or down on Pilot jet? im using 45 pilot,165 main,Needle on 2nd clip? runs real good just want that bog gone when you whick it while rollin.I see alot of info on the newer carbs for the Bog but not the older ones? let me know if ya got any tips.


Have you already cleaned the accelerator pump?

I had AP squirt that was way to long ...
First thing to check is that the leak jet is clear.

What isn't obvious is whether this old YZ400 FCR in your quad is on an old YZ400 engine. If not, you may find that all bets are off, and you'll have to rejet the carb from scratch.

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