Post your 06-07 SSS suspension settings.

Thought it may be helpful / interesting to see what settings and type of ridin we are doin on here. I would like to see if we are all over the place with the new SSS suspension......Any ways here's mine

06 250 - Enzo Revalve forks and shock + .44 fork springs

Ridin : MX track / dunes

Weight : 165

Forks : 370cc oil

height - flush. 0 MM (stock per Enzo)

Comp - 10 out

Reb - 10 out

Shock :

100mm sag

HS comp - 1.5 out

low comp - 8 out

Reb - 10 out

2006 YZ250. Stock valving and springs. Rider weight 185. Outdoor MX


Outer chamber oil: 344cc

C- 10

R- 6

Height- Raised 5mm


Sag: 99mm

HSC- 1 1/8



Unless it is necessary with your Enzo re-valve, your 370cc of oil in the outer chamber is high. You will find these forks are sensitive to oil height.

2006 YZ 250 Stock suspension

beginner, outdoor MX

Race sag: 102

Static sag: 30


Oil: 340ml

raised: 7.5mm

Comp: 10 out

Rebound: 6 out


low Speed: 9 out

High Speed: 1/2 out

Rebound: 7 out

(I got these settings of a thread here on TT, works really well for me)

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