LOWER, Firmer seat for BRP???

i guess i'm backward to most, but I'd like a stepped seat for the Pig that gives me a flat notch to sit in. looking at it, it appears that would require some pretty thin, high-density closed cell foam to work. And it would help to be just a touch wider.

anyone done something like this?


That seat looks like it would be a little bit on the comfort side! Kida like a Sport bike seat. How is the padding? Is it comfortable, soft, hard?


Actually, it is pretty comfortable. My other XR650L has the unmodified seat and I think the modified seat is more comfortable. There is still a lot more padding there than most crotch rockets have. The improved seat height was the primary goal, but the comfort is a bonus benefit. The other XR will almost certainly get the same mod this winter.

Take one stock seat.

Remove cover.

Stir carefully with electric carving knife.

Note: don't let your wife catch you carving on the foam with HER knife.

When you get the shape you want, take cover and seat to an upholstery shop.

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