anyone know where I can buy a complete yz400 seat???

Hey everyone,

I have a 2000 wr400 that I am thinking about putting a clarke yz tank on but I need to buy a complete yz seat to fit it. I have done some googling and looked on ebay with no luck. Is there anywhere that I can buy a complete seat? Thanks.

I have one with a blue moto XXX seat cover on it. PM me if your interested.

There are a couple on ebay, also add YZ426 to your search

I sent you a pm, I have a 426 im parting out so any other parts you might need i may have still.

sorry to hijack a bit, but will a wr seat fit on a yz400f w/o much modification? my yz i've recently bought had a thinner seat (than original), and I've since made it street legal, so riding for a while kinda taxes the jewels a bit too much for my liking.

I'm assuming that the wr seat is wider? Thanks for any help.

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