check out this promising ride in West Virginia!!!

Rode there 2 months ago. Hilly, clay base with allot of rocks, mostly softball - football size. Not many places to stay nearby. I had to drive about 7 hours to get there..........would rather drive to Colorado;it is allot further, but much more scenic and interesting.

You don't have to pay to ride in CO either.

My 2 cents.


So much for that idea....

Their websight makes it look good, though... :)


Don't get me wrong, those trails in WVA wern't bad. I guess my expectations were too high after reading so much and checking out their web site.

If you live within 3-4 hours, it would be worth a trip.

They do have a big hill climb on some old coal mine tailings that is sort of fun.

It ust wasn't what I would call "Trail Heaven"; not after riding in Colorado.

Another 2 cents.


I've been meaning to head down there, just haven't got around to it! This is about a 5 hour drive from Columbus, but next year I'll probably make the trek if I can convince friends to go as well. I have, however, ridden quite a bit in central WVA, on some family property and the surrounding wilderness. Very nice riding, indeed, very challending stuff!

Has anyone ridden both Wayne National Forest or Daniel Boone AND the Hatfield-McCoy system? How do they compare?

WVA is quite a beautiful state, but it wouldn't surprise me to find CO more interesting than WVA, though. Not because WVA isn't nice, maybe because CO is so different from out east, it's a treat to see something "new".

Hey, if you're totally interested in doing this,let's plan a ride this spring.

I wonder how far it is from Bill's...???

443 miles :)


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh...That's a hike!

A bunch of us used to go to Colorado Springs Every year and launch not far from "Garden of the Gods, and go through the mountains and onto Gold Camp Road, through all the old mining towns, Fire break roads.....Had to have chase trucks with fuel and food, three days from Colorado Springs to Royal Gorge.......Man what a trip that used to be....

Bonzai :)

Wow, that far Bill? Ouch!

Do you guys want to plan a spring trip somewhere? Had a blast at RC and TC, it was great to ride somewhere new. I certainly don't mind driving 5-7 hours to go play for a long weekend!


Mcarp. Well you brought some memories up with your post. I am originally from Columbus myself. About 4 months ago a buddy of mine gave me a kaw 125 and we went to Wayne National. It got me hooked and 1 month later I bought my wr400 from friend of his. I have ridden Wayne 5 times and I don’t believe I will find a better place. Tower City is great and I love ridding there but you can be challenged to total fear at Wayne. So far in my limited experience Wayne is worth the drive. I am in Germantown Maryland about 8 hours from Columbus and 3 hours from tower city. I was going to go the Hatfield trail but I am disappointed on what I have read here. By the way, Iam returning to Columbus this weekend. Mike at MJ-USA will be redoing my suspension. He does great work on the WR and he has the #1 ranking for over 40 (5 times I believe) and races the bike. I rode his the AMA WR he races and it was so awesome I am jonesing on his work. Drop me a line for Wayne or Tower City if you want to ride with someone. Fred


"challenged to total fear at Wayne".

Yep, Wayne is not for the timid! In reality, there are plenty of trails at Wayne that are fun and technical, and many others that will scare the snot out of you. There's almost always an easier way around the nasty stuff. Still, I would not bring a beginner there!

I still have problems on the rock climb after the "dangerous section ahead" sign on Main Corridor. I ALWAYS get sucked into the "bad spot", no matter what I do. Mike68 would love this place :)

Hey Kevin, you interested in "challenged to total fear at Wayne" ? hehehehehehe


I laugh at and mock long as "She" is not within hearing distance! :) (Then I am VERY TIMID!)


I know that hill! I have the least amount of trouble when I attack the "bad spot". Don't fight it. With that slippery stone, you're gonna end up there anyway. Just keep up the momentum, get the front tire past the rocks and roots, and you're home free! 2nd gear on my cr250.


I agree you need to attack the hill. Still, even if I start to the left, I slide to the right always. Just need some more practice, and a little more techique I guess!

Where are you from? I may go to Honda Hills near Newark next week weather permitting.


I live in Detroit now, but I went to school in Athens and my girlfriend's parents live in Athens, so I ride wayne national a few times a year. I need a good guide though, because I don't like riding the high traffic trails like the dorr run loop. Those trails are too fast, especially with all the traffic they have. I like to stay off the beaten path.

Anywhoo, I think you should try that hill without EVER going left. I stay to the right the whole time, in the rut. That way, when I'm approaching the nasty section halfway up, I can give it my full attention. I think I remember the specific spot that's giving you trouble... about halfway up, on the right. The rut leads up to a section where tree roots and some large rocks clutter up the right side of the trail, and to the left there is sloping, slippery rock (where I think you are riding). Anyway, because I'm already stuck in the rut, I can loft the front tire over the tree roots and rocks while standing, and the rest of the bike takes care of itself. Try it this way, I'll bet you go right through it, especially with that tractor four stroke!

ps- I'm done riding for the year, but I'll be ready to go this spring... and on a new scooter!

good luck!

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