worth the buy ???

i have a freind that has a yz 426 with a bad motor it droped a valve and messed up the piston and the jug i think the crank is good not sure anyway he wants 350$ for it . is this worth the buy and the time and money to fix it ?:mad: :mad:

Where is he located? If you don't want it i'll take it!

It'll cost you some money- but you could end up with a bike for less than a running one would cost you...

$350?? and for that price you have to ask? lol

the only reason i ask isb/c i have heard that the 426 has some problems. also i just got a cr250 for 250$ that i have to rebiuld the motor in so i was kind of hesitating to start another project but i am going to get it anyway unless you guy tell me that the bike is not worth it.

Well.. as long as the bike is decent otherwise, I would say its a steal.

Just buy it before someone elso does! Then decide if you want to deal with another project or not, because you could stand to make a decent profit if you part it out.

the only reason i ask isb/c i have heard that the 426 has some problems.

The 426 is a great bike. The only problems it has are it is a bit heavy and not as nimble as newer bikes. Mechanically though, it has almost no problems and is about as reliable as a machine can be.

I would jump all over it. Even if you didn't want to fix it, like GreenKLX said, you could part it out and make some decent money on it. Heck, you could probably turn right around a sell it as is and make some coin.

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