Noob Chain Q's



Do you need to lube the chain everytime it gets wet? ie.riding in the rain?

Any maintence that needs to be done during initial breakin? ie.first few hundred miles? tension? stretch?

Differences in types, brands, ingredients w/chain lubes? Best one?

What is your regular preventitive maintence procedure? (how often do you x,y,z)


I service my chain basicly every time I wash my bike after a days riding..:mad:

I clean it, inspect it, check the tension and lube it..

It depends on what kind of chain that you have. I'm going to assume o-ring or x-ring. These need only a little maintenance. Something to displace the water and lube the rings. I go either on the thin side with WD40 or non-oily chain wax side. I stay away from the oily chain lubes. They just seem to attract the dirt to the chain. Normally I use the wax before every ride. If I don't have any of the wax, I will use WD40. I will also use something before washing the bike. Unlike some, I only wash the bike if I have been riding in mud.

If you have a non-ring chain, then yes it needs a ton of maintenance or it will not last long at all. To make one last, you have to remove it and soak it in oil after every ride.

I use PJ-1 chain lube every time I wash it every week,dont like chain wax cause it builds up and a pain to get off sprocket. WD-40 may be a little thin, its mainly for corrossion prevention and it will make ur rear rim look like a dalmation.once the lube is on the chain water aint a problem unless ur washing it with any detergent.


I had a non-oring chain (new) & got tired of adjusting it every ride & on trails, GOT an O-ring chain and hardley do anything to it. Worth every cent!!!

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