Damaged Bikes Being Sold of the Showrooms Floors!!!!!

I use to work at a shop and found out that many places buy bikes via auction from the the manufacter as damaged and then sell them on the showroom floor without disclosing that they were damaged. I was about to drive 10 hours to www.procycleusa.com in missouri for an 06 YZ450 for $4799 OTD. I called back and asked if these were damaged bikes and he said some of them are and some of them are not, they don't know until they get them to the shop. Supposedly they buy a bunch of them for a very cheap prices and some might be damaged. I put a deposit down on a specific VIN # so i wanted him to check and see if i have a damaged bike. He said the mechanical warranty is still good but the cosmetic warranty that covers stickers and plastic is void. I asked him what was wrong with the bike and he said the tech certified it as in good shape. What ever that is worth? He said he would check the bike out and let me know what was actually wrong with it?? Does that suck or what??? Not disclosing damaged bikes?:mad: :mad: :mad::worthy: I guess the too good to be true rings true again!! So if he says it's just scratches do i have him take digital pics of the bike, radiator and the scratched plastic or do i just walk away from this shady dealership and pay the extra $700-800 for a piece of mind and not support a bunch of crooks. The only problem is that the dealerhsip i worked at in denver did the same crap, is this a common occurence in the industry. I guess if a shop is offering a smoking deal the first thing to ask is it damaged but i guess they could lie to you as well??

In the car industry this is common practice and they may sell them as demos (tax thing)....Somtimes if it is a scratch or two you can get a killer deal and never have any motor issues. Lets face it a couple of scratches is not big deal. Ask for an extended warranty on the motor and if they give it then you are good to go if not you may want to steer away. Just my 2 cents.

Maybe thats why I got mine for 4799. There is a 1 inch long scratch in the rear fender. They did throw in an extra air filter so I think we're even. I would still check out the bike. As long as you have a deposit on it maybe somebody from this forum could check it out for you. Or just leave at midnight and get a few big ones from dunkin donuts and hit the road and enjoy the ride. I rode mine today at an open practice and it really rips.


I would pay $800 less for a bike that has a few minor blemishes. It doesnt sound as if they were ridden, or severely damaged. After a few rides the bikes is beaten a hell of alot more, any way.

I would pay $800 less for a bike that has a few minor blemishes. It doesnt sound as if they were ridden, or severely damaged. After a few rides the bikes is beaten a hell of alot more, any way.

Exactly. My YZ plastics look like $#@$^ but the bike is still great. I maintain it well but not much I can do about those scratches which are probably much worse than what you will be seeing...

I dont believe I would go for the deal. If it were damage from the bike falling over in the showroom, maybe. Then again, I dont know a dealer would would knock off 800.00 for a scratched 20.00 fender. I doubt dealer cost on an entire plastic kit is over 150.00.

The other option is the bike has been ridden. If I sell a bike that has been ridden, even a little bit, I think I can be safe in calling it used. I sure as hell cannot see myslef paying full price for a brand new "bike that has been ridden".

We nearly owned an '06 CRF450. Why, you say? That's a fair question. We were offered the opportunity to buy one, still in the crate, still at the SoCal distribution warehouse by an employee there. "Cosmetic damage" was defined to me as meaning anything from bad graphics to a bent radiator, but the price was so good that I could have overlooked or corrected everything I don't like about CRF's, ridden it for a year, and sold it for a profit. Didn't have the cash at the time. :mad:

Point is, real deals do happen.

Caveat Emptor :mad:

Well, I am still going up on Friday to pick mine up but if it is really damaged then I will probably walk out and drive home... I will let you guys know how it goes...

Never59, where are you driving from?

I would tell them no thanks and take my business to a dealer I could trust. Sometimes its hard to find a good dealer, but every so often you get lucky.

As of right now the dealer hasn't done anything not to earn your business other than having crappy salesman. I would roll the dice and atleast go check it out but make the stipulation before you go if you see something above cosmetic damage that crosses over to structural or mechanical, your not obligated to buy it. $4700 is a screaming deal on a new bike. The MSRP nowadays is close to $7000...

There is a new 06 on EBAY right now in Alabama with a buy it now price of $4999, so that must be the going rate. If they don't move these bikes now they will just sit on the floor when the white ones come in.

I am driving from colorado??? Yikes!! That is why i am so concerned about this whole scenario. 10 hour drive to find a dented radiator and then turn around and drive 10 hours back?? Plastic i could care less about, we all know what yamaha plastic looks like after a few months. If it was 2-3 hours i would just drive out there and take a look and if not just walk away, unfortunately my walk is 10 hours. Just wanted to get everyone elses input on this one before starting my 4 am road trip. Sounds like i should be fine, thanks for all the input and will let you know what happens after i get back.

Don't forget to take into account all the expenses in making a 20 hour trip. Gas, food, vehicle wear n tear, annoyance of driving 20 hours ect... The gas and food alone puts you at about $250.

Don't forget to take into account all the expenses in making a 20 hour trip. Gas, food, vehicle wear n tear, annoyance of driving 20 hours ect... The gas and food alone puts you at about $250.
Why must you always be so practical? You'll spoil the fun. :mad:

I am also picking up a WR450 for a friend and since i am taking the day off of work and driving that stretch he is paying for all the gas on my trip. Cooler full of red bull, few sandwiches are my only costs. Yeah Yeah wear and tear but i have a tacoma so i am not really worried about it!

The Plot Thickens! They just called me back about the bike and now the bike does not exist?? They said they made a mistake and they don't have one. Yesterday i talked to the sales guy and he confirmed when i put a down a deposit it holds a specific vin # bike and the tech said my bike was in great shape? Bait & Switch? Does anyone know if a deposit on a bike is a binding contract? I am guessing not? They said they would sell me an 07 for $6499 OTD and throw in a bunch of accesories. No thanks, my $4800 06 has a much better ring to it. Off to the attorney general and the better business bureau. Any suggestions???

A binding contract must be very specific as to what each party is expected to do under its terms. They will only be able to bind your deposit to the purchase of one specific motorcycle, by VIN, and only with the signatures of both parties. Otherwise, it's just an agreement. If they can't come up with the agreed to motorcycle, then under a binding contract, they would be in breach, and you would be able to insist that they perform (produce the specified bike or a substitute you say is suitable, and for the same price, or one that you subsequently agree to), or release you from the contract.

New bike for more than $2K under list and it might have a few scratches that will be there after a month of owning it anyways...................sounds like a great deal to me.

It's a dirt bike.............not an exotic car. :mad:

I am not real sure how to get a hold of the Attorny General, Jay Nixon here in Missouri but I would recomend trying. This outfit has been in a lot of trouble here lately for this kind of thing. Just lost in court on a bait and switch scheme. Look up Mr. Jay Nixon I think you will be shocked and glad you didn't make the trip. This business is a testament to scum being able to keep turning dollars in our country, if there is a rule they break it and then tie it up with the lawyers. How they have made it this far is a mystery among us locals.

hey guys you need to check out procycle on the Missouri attorney generals web site. they got in trouble a while bike and fined for false advertsing these great deals and then added on a bunch when you get there.... I came across this a while back on another site. I'll see if I can find the link. here it is


whoops should have read the post above mine a little closer.

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