Damaged Bikes Being Sold of the Showrooms Floors!!!!!

I'm quite good with the cipherin! LOL Difference is that I race all year long, every year and plan on keeping at it till my body won't let me, thats gonna be a while. GET TO KNOW YOUR DEALER! They are humans if they are race friendly you'll likely never know a better friend to have in your corner. I've done the math I'm way better off knowing the people I know and yeah they do have to pay their mortage thats what humans do.

I'll try to keep this from being Pro-cycle specific BUT thay are an absolutely perfect example of this type of thing. How much do they help the racing scene in your area? I KNOW how much they help in their area. When was the last time you drove 10 hours to borrow a kick starter bolt or something of the like off a showroom machine that your "cheap deal" dealer had? When was the last time they're parts manager went trail riding with you and brought along a sack of parts that were charged to your account which BTW is likely to be several months behind if you have like me just plain forgot about sending in your YZ bucks to them? Oh there's another point how much is your down the road dealer gonna help you out with your YZ bucks when he or she knows you drove 10 hours to save a K on an auction bike that he doesn't even feel right about selling off his or her floor? I THINK a little farther down the road than some folks I guess.

Money is money but think where your gonna be spending it in a few weeks or months or god forbid YEARS down the road. if you want ALL dealers to be more like this one particular example then well I am damn scared how many more are out there just like you and the future starts looking pretty bleak.

I just see if through different eyes than you KTMKarl. My local dealer sucks and I will order all my parts mail order like I have for years now. If I need a kick starter bolt then I will order it unless I see your bike parked somewhere. :mad: Plus, I don't plan on having to buy any parts for a while that's why I bought a Yamaha!

Oh I totally agree that there are bad dealers in most every area. The dealer being discussed happens to be closest to my house, I drive 45 minutes farther just to patronize a dealer that does care. My point is that if people are so quick to overlook the obvious to save a few bucks short term then what is gonna happen to all the dealers out there who do care?

Yamaha and Honda have both been made aware of the dealers business practices. For that matter so had KTM, strange they don't sell KTM's anymore huh? Plain and simple their business practices hurt honest business people. I'll go a step further and say that their business hurts our sport by detracting from the much needed service aspect of these machines. We are BTW on a YZF forum page which implys RACE MACHINE which means IF these machines are gonna be used as intended they WILL need service and parts. The silly I aint gonna need no parts argument is just ignorant. If you race you'll have a use for a good dealer. If all the good dealers see this joint doing things this way and getting away with it how do you think they are gonna pattern their business? Just keep going for the easy money and look where it is gonna get you.

I'm not anti-mail order either I use a couple of companies on certain items for which my dealer doesn't have a good buying path. If I didn't have such a good relationship with them I would no doubt use more mail-order. plenty of good reputable companies out there.

Oh I totally agree that there are bad dealers in most every area. ...My point is that if people are so quick to overlook the obvious to save a few bucks short term then what is gonna happen to all the dealers out there who do care?
You and I agree, at least in principal in the concept of building a good working relationship with a local dealer or parts house whose business you can walk into and talk to live people. This is especially useful when trouble comes up. Taking a defective or incorrectly shipped part back to a local parts counter and letting them deal with the nuisance of sending the thing back is a whole lot easier way of doing things, for one example.

But it has to be a two-way street if the businessman expects the customer to pay a premium for dealing with him. Convenience will only take me just so far.

OTOH, mail order isn't always the answer. Shipping costs have to be added to the price of what you buy. The dealer probably adds them in to the price he charges me in one way or other, but I don't see them as a line item, and if you are working with a good business, the bottom line price is often just as good, if not better.

Nevertheless, if a dealer doesn't want to compete with others in the business, he should loose the competition.

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