650L handlebar question

Got a 650L and I am 6'8. I need as high a setup as I can get. Any suggestions?

thanks so much!

Cr Highbend And Risers

You'll want to replace the stock Bend-O-Matics anyway...so a new set of bars with a higher rise is a good start...then add bar risers...I'm 6'6" and went with Renthal CR-Hi bend and 35mm risers from Touratech, much better.:mad:


will renthals fit on the stock Triples?


will renthals fit on the stock Triples?

As long as they're 7/8"... I bought a set of aluminum Renthals made for the Yamaha Banshee ATV. great fit and good rise (about 2 1/2" higher) and little more sweep... You can rotate them a few degrees in the triple clamps to get a "custom" fit for you. Only disadvantage is that the blinker/hi-lo/horn and the kill switch assemblies have a nub that fits into a hole on the stock bars to stop them from rotating.. you gotta cut that piece of plastic off (I didn't feel good about drilling a hole in the new aluminum bars.

I also had to reroute the clutch cable to the backside of the handlebars and do some creative bending of the cable "holders" on the sides of the frame in front of the tank. I thought my cables would be good until I was making a tight turn, riding the clutch for slow speed and turning the handlebars to the stop pulled the clutch cable in a little and woops - no power... (I did manage to get my foot down in time, but it was close :mad: )

I'm right at 6' and this setup works pretty good.. they could be a little higher for extended standing, but any higher I don't think I'd feel comfortable sitting (not into the apehanger thing myself).

I have a Protaper top clamp with bar clamps for 1 1/8 bars. $50 plus shipping if your interested?

You gotta check out the Renthal "Desert Vintage High" bend!

They are PERFECT for taller folks and are a full 33" wide!

I have pics in my garage so you can get a ballpark idea on height comparision!

They are only available in 7/8"

I am 6'3" and didnt care for the CR HIGH bend, they werent all that much higher anyway! :mad:

I have a Protaper top clamp with bar clamps for 1 1/8 bars. $50 plus shipping if your interested?

If you use and after market triple clamp on the XR650L then you can't mount the speedo and there is no hole for the key assembly. The XR600R clamp fits but does not have the mounting. If you use an XR600R clamp with 1 1/8 bar mounts you would have to relocate the sppedometer mounting and the key assembly.

Use Protaper bar mount risers and CR High bend Bars or even CR High Renthal 7/8 bars are much better than stock.:mad:

You may want to start with the risers. I got mine from rocky mountain. You can add or subtract shimms on these to fit you. From there change the bars if you see fit. After I put the risers on with the cr high bends I tried the tallest shim but had to take it out,not that I didn't like the riding pos. but the whole thing felt weird. So I would do it in stages.

Again, check out the Renthal "Desert Vintage High" bend! Has much more bend then the KX High and CR High and less sweep!

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