anyone want to sell there XR650r

i am looking for a xr650r.. does anyone have one of know of anyone with one.. i like in northern KY thanks..

I'm in NW Florida, Pensacola, close to Mobile, AL right down I-65. My bike is 2000 650R, street legal, Baja Designs DSK, Mikuni TM-40 pumper carb. Mostly stock, ~5000 miles, well maintained, and TONS of extras that I will be selling separately. Asking $3200 for the basic bike.

2003 bought new in 04 (2nd owner). First owner had the dealer install Baja Design DS kit and passenger pegs. Has MT21's on now, front like new, rear has some life left. Has a new set of Pirelli Scorpion street tires for it. I put CR high bend bars, a keyed ignition and an 85 mph ATK speedo w/ resettable trip odo. Bike shows 330 miles since I got it, first owner said less than 500 so it should still be less than 1,000 miles. Has never been offroad. Starts first kick, runs like a raped ape. OEM shop manual. Looks and runs like new. gonna kick myself if I sell it............


Oh yeh, got a Kouba lowering link for it too. Not mounted yet.

i found a 2000 model original owner VERY low miles he is asking 2800... is that a good deal

I have a 2001 XR650R great shape all new plastic,Dual sport and plated,edelbrock carb,pro tapers,200 wat stator,uni air,new Mt21 tires,new brakes,ims footpegs check out my picks I just bought the bike in great shape but I wanted it perfect no scratches in the plastic so I replaced the fenders and side covers $3800

i found a 2000 model original owner VERY low miles he is asking 2800... is that a good deal

depends on how true the very low miles are - hard to know

tires near new? paint near the pegs near new? then maybe. If there's wear on the bike near the pegs it probably has been around the block a few times more than the odometer number indicates

Hey pqiinc , I did not notice the pm last week , picked up a 03 650r in woodbridge on saturday. Really wanted to talk with you on yours , is the edlebrock a big improvement?....the 03 I scored has stock carb. not trying to hi-jack the thread EXracer14 ,good luck ,pqiinc bike looks like a great deal , nothing but a road trip !

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