Wanted advice - WR450F 2006


Can anyone please advise on the following for my WR450?

I originally had a 2003 wr450 which was a lot taller than my current 2006 model, can anyone tell if there is an suspension linkage part that can changed to make my 2006 model as tall?

When checking my valve clearances I notice one was 0.08 and the minimum should be 0.1, should I re-shim it or just keep an eye on it to see how it goes?

Finally I was told my bike would run better with a NGKCR9E instead of the original CR8E. Is this true?

Cheers, Gaz

On the height issue, if it would fix your problem a taller seat and higher bars would be the way to go.

How tall are you? I'm 6'1" & with mine the only changes I have made are to fit a set of Tag Metals T2 bars which coupled with the 1"1/8" bar adaptor opened up the cockpit by raising it 20mm's over standard. Suits my height but I have heard of guys lowering the footpegs (Do a search for that) & also fitting a tall seat. (Guts Racing) I'm considering this option mostly to get more padding under my arse as the original foam is basically as good as a plank of wood.

Hope this helps.

Cheers Peter

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