Why Yamaha

I want to know from all of you why you are Yamaha fans, or even if youre not, why you are riding a Yamaha. Ive been a fan since i was 6 years old.

Ive had Sh&@**zuki and Kawasaki never a Honda, but I always go back to Blue.

Why not?

:mad: Valid point.

Honestly, I bought my yamaha because of the 3.9% fincancing for 2 years. I've grown to love the little blue pig, and as long as yamaha keeps making kick ass reliable bikes I will strongly consider them at purchase time.

You people in the US don;t know how lucky you are, I live in South Africa. Financing here a cool 12 to 13% (if youre lucky)The Price of a new 07 WR450f about $9000 US about 65000 rands. oh.. and dont even try to haggle the dealers here.. THEY ALL KNOW EACH OTHER!

because I want to ride, not wrench.

I've been riding Yamaha's for over 22 years. Inbetween those years I've tried Suzuki and was somewhat satisfied w/ them. Honda's blew up too much on me and Kawasaki's felt cramped. Top it off w/ a good dealer and Yamaha support and a great product (except for 82) and why would you not ride blue? :mad:

I ride a Yamaha because that's what the best dealer in town sells...and it's the best-built bike on the market!:mad:

I have always said over the years:

Honda is for the masses and Yamaha is for the enthusiast.:mad:

I have owned all of the Jap bikes and some Euro's since the late 70's.

If I could only have one brand of motorcycle it would be a Yamaha.:mad:

RSAthump, howzit boet,

One word .........reliability.

RSAthump, dis soos 'n hilux bakkie, hy vrek nooit.....

brand loyalty is stupid in this day and age!!!

all companies build good and bad bikes.............


yami- wr450f good and ttr225 bad

kawasaki- zx10r good and zx600a bad

suzuki- drz400 good and ls650 bad

brand loyalty is stupid in this day and age!!!

People are creatures of habit. Plus its not always about the product as a whole.Its about the things that go along with it like ease of service, large aftermarket customer relations and past experiences.

reliability - affordability (inc parts) - availability (inc parts)

my only preference would be for Yamaha to one day have decent suspension like Husqvarna, KTM or Husaberg, then no one would buy anything else but Yamaha (and possibly 6 gears !!)

That's why - had a:

2000 R6 - great looks, good to start with

2004 R1 - even greater looks, enough power, easy to handle

2005 XT660X - perfect ride, endless fun

2003 WR450F - good handling, very reliable

Other manufacturers make good bikes as well, sure - but for some reason there's a tattoo on my heart that says "Yamaha"

They are the most beautiful bikes on the planet! I like Yamaha being innovative and producing bikes that changed their categories. Look at 1998 the YZ 400F and the R1, at 1999 the R6, at 2001 he YZ 250F,at 2004 the WR 450F 2-Trac!!!

I have always said over the years:

Honda is for the masses and Yamaha is for the enthusiast.:mad:

If I could only have one brand of motorcycle it would be a Yamaha.:mad:

I agree with that one.

You dont have to mess with the valves near as much. They have a genesis head which is really really reliable. It has 5 valves instead of four.

Chix dig 'em.

I'm not sure I would call myself a Yamaha loyalist. I've owned a lot of bikes over the years and when I first rode my 98 WR400 I was in love. The bike truly made me a better rider. Since then I've slowly turned into a Yamaha fan.. I just think they've made the right decisions with the direction on their WR line up. I don't buy them because they're priced well, I buy them because I just like how the bike feels.. I've ridden most late model fourstrokes and still prefer the ride of the WR with its planted feel up front not to mention a rock solid valve train and top shelf suspension components.. I saw an 07 WR250F a couple of days ago and it looks like Yamaha hasn't let me down yet, they are beautiful bikes... Looks like I'm gonna wait til 08 for a new (hopefully street legal) WR. As happy as I am with the WR, the Aprillia 5.5 has my eye wondering, a dealer just moved into town and I looked at them, good god they're beautiful....... I can j

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