I just bought a 00' 426 and love it. I have a lot of experience on street bikes but trying to learn to play in the dirt. I noticed that my handlebars seem a little low for me. We went to the track yesterday and am slOOOwly learning. Which kind of set up do yall recommend. The stock bars I assume are on there now. I do trails and would like to get to the track some too. I am 6'6 230 lbs without gear. I know my suspension needs some heavier springs too.

I have some Renthal Twinwalls (Windham bend) on my '06, and their much better than the stock ones. I'm 5'11" and they are perfect height.

Windhams are 14mm higher than the YZ bend on your 426, if in fac t, they are a YZ bend. Personally, I like the YZ on my '03, which is somewhat different than an '06, and more like yours.

You may find the Windham too high, maybe not. An alternative is the Reed/Henry bend, which is 9-10mm higher.

bosssmannn, on my 00 I had Henry/Reed bend Pro Tapers with universal adapters and lowered footpegs... I'm 6'2" and I really liked it.

Pro-taper SE. I got the YZ high bend. You can get them off ebay for $50 including shipping. They're sweet. You don't have to change your clamp or anything, and that's good, cause you're probably going to crash a bit while you are still learning.


As tall as you are you might like a real tall set of bars such as the cr double high tag bars.As far as i know they are the tallest set of bars on the market as of today.If that doesnt work you could always get some four wheeler bars for your bike.

I'm 6'5'' and I have the KW bend Pro Tapers and they are still to low for me. I'm going to get 10mm or 15mm risers tomarrow.

I looked on ebay and didn't see any. Can you send me a link so I can see what you recommend? thanks for everyones help

Just go to your local dealer and ask them.

Just go to your local dealer and ask them.

yea they know everything.................come on.:mad:

For you height - windham or henry bars will be fine....you may need bar risers to...but try the handlebars first

are the windham bars the same size or will I need the adapters?

A stock Yamaha from 05 and older came stock with 7/8 bars. Pro Tapers are

1 1/8. But if you get Pro Taper risers they will fit.

I ended up getting the CR double high bars. I figured that was the easiest and the shop had them in stock. Hopefully I can get it to stop raining this weekend to try it out.

thanks for all your help

I installed Pro Taper SE YZ high bars on my sons 04 and it worked out very well. They also accept the Acerbis rally pro hand guards with no mods :mad:

As far as strength. Get the renthal twinwalls. You will NOT be dissapointed. They are strong believe me. Mine have been through alot.

As far as bend definitely get some kind of high bend bars. They look sweet and its alot better to ride.

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