YZ 450 or WR450?

Last thumper i owned was a 03 WR450 converted to a wide ratio yz 450, removed lights, e start, etc... yz cam etc...

oh the suspension was done too, wr suspension was way too soft.

Been riding a Cr500af for last 2 yrs, so i have fallen out tof the loop.

I'll be looking for a 4 stroke with the 60HP RHC or other mods eventually, to replace the cr500af.

any obvious reliability issues?

do they make a wide ratio tranny kit?

larger radiators?

easier to convert YZ450 for hare scrambles and trail riding, or WR450 into serious wood weapon?

I don't want the extra weight, of electric start, but want the added coolant capacity, wide ratio tranny,

Oh ..are the big bore stroker kits reliable?

Are the pumped up Yami or Honda more reliable?

Thanks doods!

I'm not sure I follow this. Are you looking for a woods bike or a 60hp Ron Hamp monster?


well I be riddin a 67 HP 105 mph woods/ play bike now...:banana:

Modded to death CR500AF...

I been ridin CR500's for about 16 years now.:ride:


I ride a 215 HP (190 RWHP) piped, PC3, lowered stretched ZX14 (192 MPH) which is goin on my lift for a turbo over winter too!

Shootin for a streetable 300 RWHP! :D


and my utility quad... 750 Kawi Brute Force..

is Fundy performance , 11.5:1 compression JE piston, web cams , muzzy exhaust, puttin out 93 HP, .... 50HP more than stock!

700 lbs, 28" tires, lifted, snorkled, and POWER! wheelies till about 30MPH...

winch and all! :mad:




yup I want a 60 HP RHC woods monster!:mad:

I want wide ratio tranny, larger WR cooling system, and YZ suspension and power, no E start or headlights for me...

so when i convertee the 03 wr like this the yz450 only had 4 spd .... was out of the question ... now they have a 5 spd... are there wr gears available?:worthy:


The WR 5 speed will fit a YZ450 up to the '05 models, but not the '06/'07.


The '07 WR is said to be the alloy frame model, which should mean it gets the new crankcase layout, which again, should mean that the '07 WR trans will fit a newer YZ. We'll see.


Thanks Mucho Dood!

Didn't mean to brag about my stuff...

I know how it is sometimes though... havin to validate your abilities or experience etc!

Thanks again!:mad:

Amazing bikes dood...



This is my only hobby / passion!

I had an 04 WR that I "YZed" and now an 06 YZ that I have set up for woods/trails. The YZ has worked out much better for me. I dont miss the wide ratio tranny at all. 70 mph is plenty fast enough for my fat ass. The only two things I miss at all are the sidestand and the headlight. :mad:


Lookin for a versatile set up.

I like low gear for single tracks, but fire road on the same day... so 85 mph top would be good but want the crawler 1st too.

Big tank a must, lights would be removed....

Still leaning to the Yz and doing the tranny the same time i split the cases for the 523 conversion....

decision decisions....

Nice dog.

Your not selling that 500 AF are ya? definately get the YZ, the WR is more work to turn into a woods weapon. the WR is more of a trail bike, the YZ is the racer, woods or track.

It would have been funny if you had a shitzu, the Rotti fits the picture.

yeah just sold the CR500AF.

The new owner has already scared himself though.:mad:

I don't think he'll be keeping it long.

Yeah the dog is great, he keeps an eye on things when I'm not around, and when I am. LOL

Never leaves the yard and spooks people because he's so quiet, attentive and stealthy! LOL

The new owner has already scared himself though.:mad:
My son wanted to ride my CR500 one day. He rode it easy in 1-3rd gear across the flats where we were, then turned around to head the other way. He opened it up about 3/4 in 2nd and shut it right back off. Brought it back, got off it, and didn't ask to ride it again for nearly a year. :mad:

Oh , they are awesome, explosive fun machines, just not conducive to good lap times.

My friends I ride with blow corners and end up in the tree's trying to keep up, only to have me pass them again and again in the straights.

The 500 put down so much power, it would low side you instantly if unaware.

It was a 1st gen frame, so the geometry, and suspension gettin long in the tooth.

I know I am faster on a big thumper anywhere.. .

..... except in sand! the 5Honey loved SAND!

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