How much OIL..????

I have just bought a second hand WR400 2001 its 3 months old and done 160 miles or the Speedo says.

I checked the oil as usual ran the engine for 5 mins then left to stand for 5 mins, the oil was a good 2-3 inches (90mm) above the top of the flat part of the gauge. Am i checking the oil right, do i need to take some out and will it of damaged my bike.

Last but not least should the oil be in the middle of the flat part of the dip stick and should you screw the dip stick in or just rest it on top while taking the reading..

Thanks a Lot.......

After you've started and run the bike. Pull the dipstick, wipe and insert it again for the reading. DO NOT screw the dipstick in, to check the level.

It takes 1.7 quarts to fill the bike after an oil change and filter cleaning.

If you check it after the bike has at a while, it'll read low. That's because all the oil has drained back into the crankcase.

Of course you wouldn't be the first TT'er to overfill :D

Bill :)

:) the bike at idle for approx 3-5 mins then let it rest for 1-2 mins, then unscrew the dip stick and put it back in without screwing it in. The dip stick should have a hatched area and the oil should be somewhere near the top it but no higher.



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