2005 WR450 Hard starting since free mods


I made all the free mods, plus the throttle screw to my WR450, I also put in the promotobillit exhaust insert. It runs now, however its very hard to start. I have to kick it a long while. It wont turn on the electric start before it runs down the battery. I choke it, gas it, it will take a long whiel to start. When its warm theres no problems. Is this a jetting issue? I havent jetted it cause it didnt seem to need it. Its got 276 miles on it, hasnt been back to dealer yet, i was waiting for spring at 500 miles.



Definately a jetting issue, put in a 48 pilot jet and it should be a lot better mate. It has a (smallish) 45 pilot jet stock.

I agree with AC, but before you mess with any of the jetting, consult the database at the top of the forum to get an idea what you'll need for your bike. Hard starting can also be indicative of a need for a valve adjustment. You're right about at the right mileage for a break-in check and likely in need of a re-shim on one or two valves...SC

Thanks guys, I will look into both.

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