WR400f seat on a YZ400f

Howdy y'all, I've actually posted this in an earlier thread, but I figured that rather than bother hijacking it some more I would simply start my own thread... :mad:

Anyway, I've got a '98 yz400f into which i've just put a '99 wr400f lower end. The seat is a narrower one than stock, which itself is obviously pretty narrow. So, given that I've made it street legal, I'm looking into putting a more comfortable seat. I'm not planning on doing any major motox (def mainly enduro), so will a WR seat fit directly (or should I say "cleanly") onto my yz?

Or perhaps the first, more pertinent question: is the WR seat more comfortable in the first place?

Thanks a lot for all your help and for reading my long-winded quandry.

The WR seat will only fit with a WR tank. The tank slopes up at a steeper angle at the back, so the seat base is molded to match. Once you get away fromt he tank, though, the WR seat is every bit as hard and narrow as the YZ seat. In reality, the YZ tank (either stock or big) and seat is a much better combination than the stock WR set up. You might try guts racing soft/tall seat foam to get a more comfy ride (I would if I was a bit taller!)

Thanks I'll check some of that out. Fortunately I am a fairly tall guy (6'2") so I hopefully won't have too much of a problem.

Thanks for the help.

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