Pirelli MT18 Heavy Duty: Great DOT/Hard Terrain Tires

I've been running Pirelli MT18 Heavy Duty DOT tires front and rear on my WR426 for the last 2 months and they are lightyears better than the Dunlop 606's they replaced. They don't have quite the street manners of the Dunlop's but have plenty of grip for aggressive street riding and better road wear than the Dunlops. The only wear I can see after a few hundred miles of hard street use if some rounded edges on the knobs.

Off-Road: These hook up great on everything but sloppy mud. Had them on some muddy trails last weekend and they did pretty good but did pack up if you didn't keep the rear wheels aggressively spinning to clean it out. Front tire solved the washing out problem that I had with the Dunlop 606's, it is much more aggressive. Rear hooks up on any hardpack or loam.

These tires are tough. I have ridden them through some really nasty rocks and roots and they have not been phased at all. No chunking at all. I feel very confident that they will never give me any pinch flats. I read one guys review saying that he got a flat tire on his rear MT18 and the 6 ply carcass is so stiff that he road the rest of the way back and it handled it just fine with no air.

I have yet to try the rear tire but the fronts are incredible. I have been running the front for about 2 years and it has never left me flat. I ran them in the Baja 1000 and had no flats. They are very strong and still keep the front end planted.

Try some of the other choices from Pirelli too :mad:

I have been using the scorpion pro dot up front with a dunlap trials in the back. the best tire combo ever I ride around 40 miles single track daily here in the Idaho mountians they last for ever

I just bought an mt32 for the rear of my crf. I've heard great things about it and figured I'd give it a shot. I have an MS3 on the front now and when that wears out will replace with an mt44. That's suppose to be the hot setup.

Got a MT 410 up front and MT32 back. Made the switch from MT18 to MT32 and really can't complain. My next tire up front will be a MT32 though.


agree the mt18 is very hard wearing and last a longer that most i have tested various brand the mt 18 handles good as well. the next best wearing tyre is the maxxis it

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